It’s very valuable to understand why we respond badly to certain people or situations in life; why we become suddenly angry or depressed or irritated. However, to completely set us free from this unwanted behaviour we need to clear the original set of memories that created it in the first place.

This means releasing cellular memory – the emotional energetic imprint that became stored in the body during our formative years.

Working with hypnosis can take us way beyond the intellectual understanding of our problems and give us the opportunity to work deeply with the sensations in the body, releasing the trauma that caused this behaviour in the first place. If a child always had to suppress and block the normal expression of their anger, pain or fear – they will have had to push these feelings deeply “underground” – sometimes even blocking them completely from their conscious mind. This “armouring against emotion” creates terrible tension and blockages in our bodies, minds, and emotions.

Hypnosis allows us to access this cellular memory, releasing it and healing it without becoming re-traumatised. Revisiting the wounded inner child with the greatly heightened focus of attention that hypnosis creates, allows a natural and profoundly healing release of trapped emotions. Using specific techniques, blocked emotions are released and replaced with healing love. In this way, the wounded inner child who used to sabotage our adult lives can become healed and transformed. We then truly “grow up”.

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