Tony Buzan is a special guest at the Healing Hub International anniversary charity event in aid of Barretstown on Oct 4th at the Hampton Hotel 5 pm – 8 pm. Don’t miss him!

Tony is the creator of Mind Mapping, the originator of the concept of Mental Literacy and the author of numerous best selling books on the brain and thinking. He established the ‘Brain Foundation’, which organises the ‘World Memory Championships”. Tony is also head of an international network of Brain Clubs and is co-founder of the ‘International Mind Sports Olympiad’. In addition, much of his work is devoted to helping those with learning disabilities.

He is the author of over 200 best selling books on the brain and learning. His classic Use Both Sides of Your Brain, has sold more than two million copies worldwide. His books have been published in 50 countries and translated into 20 languages. Tony Buzan has become an international media figure, featuring in, presenting and co-producing many satellite broadcasts, and television, radio and video programmes, both national and international.

Tony is an advisor to international Olympic coaches and athletes and to the British Olympic Rowing Squad as well as the British Olympic Chess Squads. He is also an elected member of the International Council of Psychologists and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Development.

Tony’s accomplishments are vast and numerous, read more about him here at or go to his website at

Tickets to the event can be found here on eventbrite

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