Congratulations to Sinead Wyse of Colour and Consciousness at the launch of her new website at

Sinead offers a professional colour therapy programme and specialises in Aura Soma.

She has a wide range of classes, courses and workshops all designed to bring harmony to your body mind and soul.
Sinead offers a wide range of exciting services all centred around the subject of Colour and Consciousness.

Her background lies in Interior Design. This has led her on a facinating journey through the exploration of colour and colour therapy including the Aura-Soma colour care system. Sinead also uses painting inspired by Aura-Soma and visualisation technique’s in meditation. Her aim is to help you Clarify your Vision for Life.

Her services also include Colour Consultation for Home and Business, Interior Design and Colour and Wellbeing Courses.
Sinéad’s expertise lies in assessing your living or work space to develop a style and colour palette suitable for your environment and the people who live and work there.

Book an appointment with Sinéad to help you create a more harmonious working or living environment. You can click here to see her full list of services at colour and consciousness.

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