Have you ever wondered if you could be hypnotized? Or if someone around you could be? Join Mary K our guest speaker, an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, as she discusses and demonstrates how she can change your life by changing your mind.

Our mind works to protect us, to teach us how to live within our environment, how to live safely and efficiently, all by the age of 6. From that time on our patterns are set. Our subconscious has gathered the information needed that will form our judgments throughout our lives. Unfortunately for us the subconscious is a bit lazy and is not eager to change these patterns it has worked so hard to learn. THUS, repetitive patterns are born. Join Mary as she discusses how to lay new neural pathways that initiate and enforce change with in your life, by changing the patterns of how you Think.

Check out our webpage for more Information at essentialgatheringfestival.com

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