Join Nick and Catherine for a Bloom Fringe Tai Chi work shop and demonstration at the The Chocolate Factory
King’s Inn Street.

See Below for a full Line up of events Sat May 31st

Presenting Shaolin Natural Way a Bloom Fringe Event at

The Chocolate Factory
King’s Inn Street

The Lung Ying Academy invites you to explore an alternative sensory
perception of Dublin with a positive guide to living in a modern city.
Drop in to encounter visual and auditory sensations, and
uncover the power of the natural positive energy in your city.

Event times: Opening and closing: 1.00 – 5.00pm


SONIC LANDSCAPE Time: 1.00 – 1.45pm

* A celebration of Sound with John Lawless, like you have never FELT before!
* Dragons and Drums: Watch the Lung Ying Dragon dance to the vibrational beat
of the universe generating the flow of energy through the physical world.


GIFT OF THE EARTH Time: 1.45 – 2.10pm

* An Introduction to Essential Oil’s with Liz Svensson


Time: 2.10 – 3.10pm

* Recapture your ancient traditions with a specialised talk on Bio Dynamic Farming.
* Awaken your Celtic spirit with a specialised talk on the Spirit of Water with the Druids.



* Exploring the ethos of kindness to our planet and each other – Sifu Nick Costello
* Health and Wellness in a Modern City: A Collaborative Approach – Healing Hub International


MEDITATION IN MOTION Time: 4.00 – 5.00pm

A Series of Talks and Demo’s

* Thai chi from the Tai Chi Academy
* Kung Fu Demo
* Chi Gong
* Lion Dance Workshop


Note: This is a free event

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