Edgy Line-Up for Dublin’s greenest Fringe festival Bloom Fringe – where inspiration grows
Dublin is evolving physically, commercially and culturally with a huge creative community now
flourishing in the city. Bloom Fringe is the latest independent festival to hit the streets. The festival
is a spin-off of the hugely successful Bloom and will showcase Dublin’s ever growing creative
capacity with fresh ideas, spontaneity and fun. The aim is to celebrate biodiversity and sustainability
of Dublin’s City Centre by bringing together communities, artists, performers, professionals,
enthusiasts and free thinkers in a joyous explosion of garden-related creativity.
Ever wondered about urban foraging?, Want to try composting bootcamp or forest school? Need
inspiration for Recreating stylish garden features? Discover secret gardens or cycle newfound trails?
Learn to make your own lip balm from your hedgerows?

Bloom Fringe will literally take over the city with the support of Dublin City Council, the Irish
Landscape Institute and BID, over 35 eclectic events staged in pop-up venues in parks, gardens,
lane-ways and Dublin City Centre as well as established venues such as, cafés, shops and more.
Inspired by other fringe events from the world of theatre and gardening, Dublin Fringe, Edinburgh
Fringe and Chelsea Fringe, Bloom Fringe 2014 will showcase works from the world of gardening,
sustainability, architecture, food, fashion and much more. Bringing Bloom from the Park into the
city, Innovative workshops, pop-up dinners, picnics, exhibitions, garden installations and other
experiences will be hosted throughout the city on Saturday 31st May to inspire creativity,
sustainability, green infrastructure and community involvement.

DCC says “It is very exciting to see the development of a Bloom fringe festival which will provide the
opportunity for communities to engage in new and creative ways with the already popular event.
Dublin City Council is delighted to be associated with Bloom coming into the heart of the city.”
Event coordinators Landscape Architect Esther Gerrard and Garden Designer Marion Keogh say “We
want to encourage anyone with artistic vision and drive to participate and present their work. This
means that there’s always something to suit everyone, of all ages and tastes. Our city lends itself to
a multitude of uses and we want to show it off in all its glory!”

• Tours/cycle trails (Urban Foraging/Picture This – Independent shops/Making Space – Secret Gardens)
• Masterchef picnic Tamarin Blackmur – winner 2012 with Fidelma Boyce and Brian Topping – top 10
Masterchef 2012
• Ken Byrne’s Supergarden Winner 2011 Converted Shipping Container featuring ReCreated
installation (ReCreate.ie) Artist Mark Holburn as the Bloom Fringe HQ
• A sample of shops and cafés with pop-up windows are Industry, Berlin and Courtney Lennon
• Hedgerow Herbalism by Melt Studio, Composting Bootcamp and Forest School a few of the family
friendly workshops
• Open community gardens

Bloom Fringe 2014 will highlight Dublin’s influential position as a creative, diverse and sustainable
city. The aim is to encourage and inspire people to use their city more and recognize the enormous
amount that it can give back to us as individuals and as a community.
Bloom Fringe festival will take place on Saturday 31st May 2014.

Email address: bloomfringe@gmail.com
Or Phone: Esther Gerrard 086 465 0673 / Marion Keogh 087 813 7718
Website: www.bloomfringe.com
Twitter: @bloomfringe #bloomfringe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloomfringedublin

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