Kickin Bird Live at Ardgillan Castle
A Final Word From The Bird J;
The cracks in the wood are starting to show, aged, beaten, worn out, buried 6ft below, its dark, dirt in every pore, no escape, feel each scratch and every sore, Please let the sky open rain and wash me clean, Get rid of the torn and beat up skin, Paranoia becomes your best friend, Sucked into a haze of fear and destruction, Turn off the voice don’t lose sanity, wrapped in the cocoon , chipping away at the dark and cloudy patches, Eventually my wings emerge, I’ve become a bird , Free, Flying, Washed of all the lying, I AM KICKING BIRD.
-By shannen byrne aka kicking bird

Kicking Bird are a 4 piece original acoustic band from Dublin Ireland. With genres ranging from pop, folk, blues and native American music all blending together to give us our unique sound. Harmonies, well thought out structures and dynamics drive the sound of Kicking Bird. We are a band who fully understand the work and dedication needed to make it in the music business.

Kicking Bird consists of;

    Shannen Byrne- Lead vocals, guitar, ukulele
    Micheal Smith- Vocals and lead guitar, harmonica and banjo
    Daniel Montgomery- Bass guitar, percussion
    Stuart Hennessy- Kajon, glockenspiel and percussion

Kicking Bird formed in September 2012. The band were rehearsing for only a short space of time when we heard of the “VEC Battle of the bands”. It was our first gig and we were playing with some bands who have been together a lot longer, but still on the night we won over the crowd and the judges to place 1st in the competition. As a result of this success we got to play in the Helix which was a great achievement for us and has given us a taste to play the bigger stages. We are all determined as a band to take Kicking bird to the world and work hard to be the next big act Ireland has to offer. We played our first Headline gig in the Grand Social to an unbelievable response which has us buzzed to play more live gigs and increase our fan base.
We are currently in the recording studio working on our single “bluebird” it will also feature a b-side and a live track.

Kicking Bird - The Yodel Song: Live at Abner Browns


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